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Tuesday, August 26, 2008



Fabulous pictures Fabrice! Brings back a lot of fun memories too!


I am so glad that you could make it out to Laura and my wedding. And what great photos! You’ve got such a great talent for not only capturing peoples true sprit but also your ‘camera presence’, that is your ability to be around people with your camera and put them at ease, and in doing so help bring out their inner nature. I hope you enjoyed your trip to the merry Maritimes to come visit again soon!


How wonderful pictures I have just looked at. No doubt, you have showed everybody such an amazing talent. I am really impressed by your presentation. It is nice to meet you in St. John's.

Jessi Metter

Dear Fabrice,
It was so wonderful of you to come to St. John's for James' wedding. Your photos are fantastic, evoking heartfelt memories and highlighting your keen aesthetic sensibility. Talent heaped upon talent. . . .
Much love,


Fabrice, these pictures are fabulous (and woven into a very nice vignette). Only problem is... it whets one`s appetite for all those other pictures. Hope to see you again soon, in less than say, 15 years.

Jonathan Penney

WOW. Awesome shots Fabrice. Keep it up, I hope some pics make you some big cash!! I'll never quite understand how Newfoundland feels like home, even though I've never lived there.


Fabrice, what a treat to see through your eyes some of the same spots and charming streets I myself stood at a few summers ago!

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